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Hemp seed oil: A potential libido-booster

by , 04 September 2017
Hemp seed oil: A potential libido-booster
For thousands of years, people have been using hemp seed oil to treat a number of ailments. Now, the use of this wonder oil in modern medicine is beginning to make strides after sparking the interest of many researchers.

One of the popular myths surrounding the use of cannabis is that it causes damage to the reproductive system. However, a number of well-known studies have proven that this wild theory is false because although cannabis can lower sperm counts in men, these levels go back to normal once the effects of cannabis wear off.

The topic of whether or not cannabis in oil form boosts libido is a topic of debate. Let's take a look at the scientific evidence behind hemp seed oil as a potential libido-booster…

One study found that hemp seed oil can increase sexual stamina in mice and humans

Research conducted at the University of Texas in the United States shows that hemp seed oil affects the sexual stamina of laboratory mice in two noteworthy ways – but it all depends on the dosage. In their study, the researchers found that smaller doses tended to increase testosterone production rather drastically. On the other hand, larger doses decreased testosterone production within just 20 minutes of ingestion.
The researchers observed similar results in humans: Those who took low to moderate doses of hemp seed oil experienced increased sexual stamina. Men in particular were more attentive to technique and foreplay. This is an interesting finding considering how many women complain that men don’t pay attention to the subtle intricacies of sex. The researchers didn’t observe associate these benefits with smoking low to moderate doses of marijuana.


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But it also found that smoking cannabis has the opposite effect on sexual stamina…

The researchers also found that smoking large doses of marijuana tended to negatively affect sexual performance. Men complained about not being able to sustain and erection and of losing interest quickly because they were too high to focus. Their female partners agreed.
Keep your eyes peeled for further studies on hemp seed oil as a libido-booster!

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Hemp seed oil: A potential libido-booster
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