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Four time-saving tricks to build up muscle fast

by , 11 August 2017
Four time-saving tricks to build up muscle fast
Of course, nothing beats hard work and perseverance at the gym if your goal is to build up muscle. However, we have some time-saving tricks up our sleeve that will help you to start to gain muscle in no time at all…

Read on for our top four quick and easy tips to build up muscle that will keep you on track and working to your full potential. We've personally tried them so they're guaranteed to work for you!

Four quick and easy ways to build up muscle

#1: Pick up your pace
A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that one rep per two second was a whopping three times more effective than one rep per four seconds – so pick up your pace!
#2: Do compound exercises
Compound exercises, or movements that use more than one joint, such as squats, tricep dips, bicycle ab crunches and even basic push-ups are excellent for working your muscles. It’s basically like multitasking your workout!


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#3: Limit your sets
Instead of doing multiple sets of the same exercise, work in the same exercises until you can’t hold the form any longer and physically can’t do another rep. In other words – move until you fail! The benefit of limiting your sets and only resting between different exercises, you could cut back your weight training to just 15 minutes per day.
#4: Don’t do weight training every day
You shouldn’t do weight training every day. Instead, stick to a three day per week muscle-building routine. In between, you can take rest days. Some fitness instructors suggest taking rest day just for certain muscle groups, such as exercising your arms one day and legs another. But if you’re doing compound exercises, you’ll be exercising more than one muscle group at once, so your whole body will need to rest. You can do cardio on your rest days.
Additional tip to build up muscle: Limit your rest times during sets to under a minute. If you’re lifting heavy, keep the rest periods closer to a minute and if you’re lifting lighter, take shorter breaks.

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Four time-saving tricks to build up muscle fast
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