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Four foods for better health and digestion

by , 11 October 2017
Four foods for better health and digestion
When you think of the best foods for your health and digestion, you probably think they're all the same...

We should be able to digest just about any type of food, but due to changes in food preparation and processing - not to mention our sedentary lifestyles - our stomachs don't always react well to what we put in our mouths.

Some foods, such as very fatty meats, can cause an upset tummy. Fortunately, nature also provides some foods that soothe your tummy and keep your digestive tract running smoothly. Keep reading for four of them...

Eat these four foods for improved health and digestion

#1: Bananas
Bananas promote normal bowel function, so they’re very helpful if you have a bad case of diarrhoea from drinking too much alcohol, for example. Bananas also restore potassium and electrolytes that you might’ve lost due to a runny tummy, and has loads of fibre to aid in digestion.
#2: Yoghurt
Your gut houses trillions of bacteria that help your body digest food, and yoghurt is chockfull of some types of these friendly bacteria. These bacteria replenish the normal flora within your gastrointestinal tract so that it’s healthy. Make sure you check for “live and active cultures” on yoghurt labels.


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#3: Lean meats
If you’re big on meat, you should know that leans meats like chicken and fish go down a lot easier than a big, juicy steak. This is because red meats like steak tend to be fattier. Your digestive system can handle lean meats a whole lot better than a prime rib! As a bonus, lean meats aren’t associated with a heightened risk of colon cancer, while high-fat red meats are.
#4: Whole grains
Whole grains, such as oats, whole-wheat bread and brown rice, are a top source of fibre, which promotes optimal digestion. If there’s one nutrient that most of us lack, it’s fibre – we need 20 g to 30 g per day and only get around 12 g. Fibre is also great for curving cravings and lowering your cholesterol.
Make sure you work these top four foods for your health and digestion into your daily diet!

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Four foods for better health and digestion
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