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Five amazing ways omega-3 fish oil can boost your well-being

by , 02 June 2017
Five amazing ways omega-3 fish oil can boost your well-being
A whopping 90% of us are deficient in the crucial fatty acids eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Since most of us don't eat enough fatty fish and other omega-3-rich foods, supplementing with a quality omega-3 fish oil supplement is mandatory.

Omega-3 fish oil improves many aspects of your health. Studies have proven that omega-3 fish oil helps heal depression, can ameliorate attention deficit disorder (ADHD) and prevent or reverse various autoimmune and inflammatory disease including arthritis, migraine headaches, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, lupus, psoriasis and multiple sclerosis (MS).

The list of health benefits that omega-3 fish oil provides doesn't stop there though! Here are five other amazing ways omega-3 fish oil can improve your well-being.

Five note-worthy health benefits of omega-3 fish oil

#1: Omega-3 fish oil promotes weight loss
Studies reveal that a diet rich in healthy fats, especially fatty acids EPA and DHA found in omega-3 fish oil, help reduce total body fat compared with other fatty acids. Omega-3 fish oil also lowers stress hormones like cortisol. In turn, this reduces inflammation, which often stalls fat loss.
#2: Omega-3 fish oil boosts mental health
According to a growing body of research, omega-3 fish oil helps enhance your mood, improve depression and boost overall brain function. What’s more, EPA improves your mood and behaviour, while DHA promotes cognitive performance.


This group of nutrients is not only the answer to boosting your mood... Preventing Alzheimer's and dementia... It's also 8 TIMES MORE EFFECTIVE than an Anti-Depressant!...

Nature’s secret to optimum mental health... 
  • Protects you from depression and other mood disorders including schizophrenia. 
  • Improves memory and learning. (In fact, studies show kids who take Omega 3 supplements do better at school, score higher in tests and have fewer behavioural issues than those who don’t.)
  • Fights age-related memory loss and senior moments synonymous with dementia and Alzheimer’s. 
  • And protects against stress-related job burnout. 

And it’s all thanks to the “Omega 3 Effect”

#3: Omega-3 fish oil prevents dementia
Omega-3 fish oil combats inflammation, which affects almost every chronic disease, including dementia. Therefore, omega-3 fish oil helps prevent dementia as well as reduce Alzheimer’s disease symptoms.
#4: Omega-3 fish oil lowers stress levels
Omega-3 fish oil can banish stress and stress-related damage. Studies have found that using omega-3 fish oil every day for three weeks can slash several stress markers, including cortisol and adrenaline.
#5: Omega-3 fish oil cuts risk of cancer
Omega-3 fish oil can greatly reduce your risk of a number of cancers, including breast, colon and prostate cancer. Some research has even found that omega-3 fish oil can make conventional cancer treatments more effective as it provides an effective therapy on its own!
Top tip: To create a path to slimming down and becoming healthy, combine a quality omega-3 fish oil with a low-glycaemic, higher quality fat diet.

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Five amazing ways omega-3 fish oil can boost your well-being
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