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Boost your emotional health with these five herbs

by , 12 September 2017
Boost your emotional health with these five herbs
Do you suffer from emotional health problems such as depression or anxiety? Then I'm sure you're getting fed up of always feeling down or on edge. But don't worry - I have a solution for that...

It's time you toss in your prescriptions for a more natural, effective and long-term solution for your problems - herbs! Not only do they work naturally, organically and intuitively, they're also side effect-free. Here's a list of my top five.

Top five herbs for emotional health problems

#1: Passionflower
Passionflower is my go-to herb when I’m feeling anxious, stressed or can’t sleep. Studies have actually proven that this herb works just as well as some anxiety medications! Therefore, if you have mild to severe anxiety or simply often find yourself feeling very stressed, passionflower can really help!
#2: Chamomile
Chamomile is a very popular osteoporosis remedy because it goes straight to your bones, reduces inflammation and lubricates your joints. But it’s a fantastic herb for soothing all other sorts of aches and pains too – especially those associated with emotional heath problems.


This group of nutrients is not only the answer to boosting your mood... Preventing Alzheimer's and dementia... It's also 8 TIMES MORE EFFECTIVE than an Anti-Depressant!...

Nature’s secret to optimum mental health... 
  • Protects you from depression and other mood disorders including schizophrenia. 
  • Improves memory and learning. (In fact, studies show kids who take Omega 3 supplements do better at school, score higher in tests and have fewer behavioural issues than those who don’t.)
  • Fights age-related memory loss and senior moments synonymous with dementia and Alzheimer’s. 
  • And protects against stress-related job burnout. 

And it’s all thanks to the “Omega 3 Effect”

#3: Lavender
I like to call lavender the anti-anxiety warrior – it’s delightful in your tea, bath or aromatherapy. Aromatherapybest way to use lavender to boost your emotional health – simply put 10 drops of the lavender essential oil on your pillow before bedtime for a restful sleep. Otherwise, you can boil a pot of water, add lavender essential oil and inhale deeply for a quick and easy at-home spa ritual.
#4: Rhodiola
Rhodiola is excellent for relieving stress, improving memory and boosting energy. It works by supporting the transportation of serotonin precursors in your brain and normalising the functions of your body. Bonus: Rhodiola helps fight cancer!
#5: Ashwagandha
Last but not least, ashwagandha is the perfect pick-me-up when you’re feeling sluggish, stressed, anxious or all three. It naturally reduces your cortisol levels, providing quick anxiety relief. This herb is lovely in both a tincture and tea form.
Which herbs do you find help enhance your emotional health?

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Boost your emotional health with these five herbs
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