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A turquoise healing crystal can make you healthier and happier - here's how

by , 07 August 2015

For thousands of years, ancient civilisations have used turquoise crystals to release mental, physical and spiritual blockages.

Since these crystals come from the earth, they help you connect to the planet's healing energy when you use them on your body.

Are you looking to be healthier and happier? Then these crystals can really help. Here's how.

The healing properties of turquoise crystals

Turquoise crystals can help heal your mind and body to make you a healthier, happier individual. They do this by helping your body to relax and feel balanced. These powerful energies can help heal all different aspects of your life.
Some cultures claim that turquoise crystals are the “master healers” because they are the energetic bridge between heaven and earth. For centuries, people have been using this crystal for its healing, protective and good luck properties.
Other cultures claim that this crystal is the answer to happiness because it can help you communicate better and speak your truth, from the highest source of love.
Fascinating, right?

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How to use turquoise crystals in your life

Here are a few ideas:
  • Wear a turquoise crystal as a pendant on a neck chain.
  • Place three or four turquoise crystals at the end of your yoga mat.
  • Place a turquoise crystal or two on your body, close your eyes, and practise mindfulness.

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A turquoise healing crystal can make you healthier and happier - here's how
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