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Warning! Bone density tests for osteoporosis aren't always accurate!

by , 20 March 2014

At your osteoporosis screening, there are a couple of things you should check your doctor does right. Because, if your bone density test is inaccurate, he'll most likely prescribe an unnecessary osteoporosis treatment for you. Here's what you need to know…

Thin bones don’t mean you have osteoporosis

Your doctor will do a bone scan to check if your bones are thinning. But thinner bones are normal in older people. And they don’t necessarily mean you have osteoporosis!

Thin bones can still be strong, so make sure your doctor checks if your thinning bones are brittle.

Here’s something else you need to double check your doctor does right…


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Bone density isn’t the same in all bones

A low bone density reading in one bone doesn’t mean all your bones have a low density. You could have a low bone density reading in your lower spine but your hip could be normal. So make sure your doctor checks the bone density of your hip and wrist since these bones are more prone to fractures.

Then if your doctor says you do have osteoporosis and takes out his prescription pad to prescribe you an osteoporosis drug, there’s one more thing you should know... 

This osteoporosis treatment could be worse than the disease

If your doctor prescribes cortisone or bisphosphonates for your osteoporosis, studies have found these drugs could almost triple your risk of getting osteoporosis! You can read more about this shocking discovery here…

The bottom line is it’s important to take charge of your own health and question your doctor when you don’t understand something. And ALWAYS do your homework on any medication he prescribes for you by reading the package insert and searching the Internet.

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Warning! Bone density tests for osteoporosis aren't always accurate!
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