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This age-old remedy for arthritic joints works like a dream...

by , 11 October 2017
This age-old remedy for arthritic joints works like a dream...
With arthritic joints, there can be joint pain, joint damage and systemic involvement. There are many different treatment options for arthritic joints, but one that we'd like to introduce, or rather tell you about, is an age-old remedy that has worked like a dream for millions of people: Epsom salt baths.

Epsom salt baths is a popular topic that's brought up among people suffering from some form of arthritis. This natural remedy hails from England and although it's a rather old remedy, many people are still using it today. That's because it's truly effective and probably the most affordable way to treat the inflammation, pain and discomfort that comes with arthritis!

Let us tell you more about the benefits of Epsom salt baths for arthritic joints...

Arthritic joints can be very painful as well as disabling...

There are several treatment options that are available to help you cope with arthritic joints by reducing the discomfort and helping you get on with your daily life.
Conventional treatments like anti-inflammatory drugs are usually the preferred option but can result in very unpleasant side effects.


Drive out a lifetime of toxins and you could soon be saying, "I'm Brand New!"

If you’ve ever suffered terrible headaches... Or uncontrollable joint pain...

If you’ve ever felt listless and sapped of energy... Or immobilised by colon cramps...

I’ll bet you’ve wondered hundreds of times... WHY ME???

But it’s not just you. It’s an epidemic. Millions of people are going to their doctors, complaining of these symptoms, only to hear them say “live with it”…

But that’s exactly the problem. We’re living with dozens of 21st century poisons. Recent studies have now proven:
  • The average glass of drinking water has carcinogens in it...
  • Every day we’re exposed to toxic metals like mercury, lead and even uranium...
  • Breast and stomach cancer have been traced to chemical oestrogens in our food...
  • Early senility may actually be caused by environmental chemicals...
  • Even organic produce may contain residual pesticides...
Is there any end to all this bad news?

Now, at last, there is. Because now, one of alternative medicine’s true pioneers is proving that you could save yourself a lifetime of suffering caused by these poisons. 

Find out more here...

Epsom salts is high in two ingredients that work together to soothe arthritic joints

Natural Arthritis Treatments explain that Epsom salts is abundant in two main ingredients: Sulphate and magnesium. These ingredients work together to soothe arthritic joints.
Magnesium in particular is an essential mineral in your body that also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. When you combine it with the circulation-boosting effects of warm water, you create an effective way to naturally calm inflammation and relieve pain associated with arthritic joints.

How to take an Epsom salt bath to relieve your arthritic joints

To experience arthritic joint pain relief with Epsom salts, simply mix one or two cups of Epsom salts into a warm bath. If the pain is severe, you can use up to three cup of Epsom salts instead.
Relax in the warm bath for 30 to 45 minutes before you get out. Soothing your arthritic joints is as quick and easy as that!

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This age-old remedy for arthritic joints works like a dream...
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