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Keep your teeth clean, it could protect you from arthritis

by , 25 March 2014

Here's a very good reason for you to brush your teeth at least twice a day: Bacteria in your mouth could cause you to develop arthritis! Here's how…

Warning: The same bacteria in your mouth causes joint pain when you have arthritis
If you have poor oral hygiene, it could affect your joints, says besthealthnutritional.com. This becasue the bacteria that causes cavities and bad breath is the same instigator for leaving you with swollen, painful joints when you have arthritis. And if you have arthritis already, it can cause your symptoms to worse!
But while it’s not the bacteria itself that gets into your joints, it’s what they do that’s the problem. 
The bacteria release an enzyme that changes the protein in your body. And what results, is your immune system sees this as an attack and it attacks back. This is exactly what happens when you develop arthritis!
A study done on mice proved that exposure to the enzyme left their bones brittle and their joints consumed by arthritis. The form of disease was far more severe than the control group and the progression a lot faster than is normally seen. 

Are you one of the 50% of people whose arthritis is caused by a hidden bacterial infection?

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Brush and floss your teeth regularly to prevent arthritis
It’s essential that you keep your mouth clean! You need to brush your teeth at least twice a day, and floss regularly too. 
Drinking water is also an important part of keeping your mouth hygienic and clean. Water encourages saliva production and helps swish away the bacteria in your mouth. 
Don’t let something as simple as forgetting to brush your teeth lead you to a life of living with constant joint pain and swelling. Keep your mouth and teeth clean and your joints arthritis free. 

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Keep your teeth clean, it could protect you from arthritis
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