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Here's how to cope with your rheumatoid arthritis symptoms naturally

by , 05 March 2014

Symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) aren't constant and, for many people, the symptoms seem to completely disappear for weeks, only to flare-up all of a sudden. Know how to deal with these symptoms before they arise and you'll have the upper hand when they do. Here's what you can do to get control of your symptoms.

Eat foods that help to ease the symptoms of your rheumatoid arthritis flare-ups
Your diet is a great and natural way for you to take control of your RA symptoms. The foods you eat contain lots of healthy compound that can help ease your pain and soothe the inflammation in your joints. 
Foods rich in Omega-3 like fatty fish, walnuts, flaxseed and soy can keep the inflammation in your joints at bay. Similarly, foods rich in antioxidants like fruit, nuts, red wine, dark chocolate and cinnamon can ease the symptoms of your rheumatoid arthritis
Olive oil is also great for providing anti-inflammatory benefits, says healthline.com. 
So include these foods in your diet every day. It’ll help ease that pain and soothe the inflammation in your joints. If you eat them frequently, they may even help to prevent your flare-ups!
Take care of your overall health to reduce flare-ups of rheumatoid arthritis symptoms
If you get enough rest, get frequent exercise and control your weight, you’ll protect your overall health. And if you do that, you’ll keep the symptoms of your rheumatoid arthritis at bay!
While it’s possible for you to continue to exercise and keep healthy when you’re symptom-free, you may need to change your approach when you suffer from a flare-up. 
Discuss your options with your doctor. Ask him about what you should do when you’re symptom free and when you have a flare-up. He’ll likely have a strategy for you to follow, that’ll help keep your rheumatoid arthritis under control in both instances.

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Here's how to cope with your rheumatoid arthritis symptoms naturally
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