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  • How to use ginger to soothe your achy joints
  • Ginger is useful for far more than adding great flavour to different dishes. In actual fact, it's one of the best foods to help with inflammation and joint pain out there! Lots of research suggests that ginger can help alleviate joint pain and stiffness. I'll tell you more. How you can take ginger to ease joint pain You can buy ginger fresh, ground, crystallised or in the form of tinctures,... ››› more
  • [06 October 2015]
  • New study finds that the birth control pill may improve your rheumatoid arthritis
  • According to a new German study, oral contraceptives (birth control pills) can ease pain and improve functioning in women who have rheumatoid arthritis. “Women with inflammatory arthritis who were currently using oral contraceptives or who had used them in the past, presented with better patient-reported outcomes within the first two years of arthritis,” the study authors wrote. Read on to ... ››› more
  • [01 September 2015]
  • The hidden truth behind your rheumatoid arthritis
  • Swollen knuckles, aching joints, fatigue, stiffness that lasts for more than an hour, and a decline in range of motion are symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. Or could they be signs of something else entirely? These are the symptoms of Lyme disease: An infection caused by bacteria carried by ticks. All it takes to get infected is a tick bite. And even if you're not living with animals tha... ››› more
  • [24 August 2015]
  • How to make your own arthritis relieving balm with coconut oil
  • Is there anything coconut oil can't do? From whipping up dairy-free lattes to saving chapped lips, this nutty liquid is super adaptable. And, by mixing it with a few ingredients, you can open up an entire other world of coconut-based natural products, including this cayenne pain relief cream! If you're feeling sore after a rough burpee circuit from the night before or suffer from arthritis, ... ››› more
  • [12 August 2015]
  • This common household chemical could increase joint damage...
  • Hard work never killed anyone. Remember that adage? That may be so. But, if you're exposed to these chemical compounds, found in common household products, you could be aggravating your joint pain... Even causing permanent damage to your joints.   ********** Check this  out **********   If you want to help protect your joints from every day wear and tear -- so you can kee... ››› more
  • [08 July 2015]
  • Drink an ice cold beer before bed and your joints will stay pain-free all night long
  • Yes, you read that right... An ice cold beer could hold the answer to your joint inflammation. But it's not the alcohol you need. You need the ingredient that stabilises the drink and gives beer it's slightly bitter taste. These plants, native to Britain, were first used by breweries in the Netherlands in the early fourteenth century to make beer. And they could be the solution to y... ››› more
  • [17 June 2015]
  • Four ways to alleviate your arthritis pain despite the bone-chilling cold of winter
  • It's getting colder and colder. And that means just one thing: During the cold winter months, your arthritis may become unbearable. Luckily, there are ways to manage this pain naturally! Below, I've compiled four simple yet effective ways for you to care for your arthritis this winter. Read on to find out more. Four ways to relieve joint pain in cold weather   #1: Dress warml... ››› more
  • [29 April 2015]
  • Use these bath secrets to help ease your joint pain
  • If you suffer from joint pain and swelling, you probably take a handful of pills every day to help numb your pain. But, some days, they just don't help and you end up feeling sore and miserable. The good news is now you can relax in a hot bath and soothe your joint pain away with these bath secrets... Natural remedies for arthritis that don’t come in a pill When you don’t feel like ... ››› more
  • [24 April 2015]
  • Arthritis puts you at risk of a heart attack - but you can escape it!
  • The damage your rheumatoid arthritis does to your health is clear. It's not only a disease that attacks your joints, it does so much more. And that's why your heart attack risk is a lot higher than someone without the disease. But just because your risk is higher, doesn't mean your fate is to have a heart attack. Because, if you act now, you can lower your risk and never suffer the sam... ››› more
  • [10 April 2015]
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